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Born 1991. Lives and works in St Ives, Cornwall.

Jackson Whitefield, a Cornish-born artist, explores themes of geology, anthropology, science, process, and language through a diverse range of media, including photography, film, collage, book-making, and site-specific works. Adopting a fluid and responsive methodology, he seeks to explore the complex interplay between the earth's geological structures, human history, and the modes of communication that help us comprehend our role in the world. This approach fosters a connection between the natural world and human perception, guiding his investigative process from a stance of openness rather than adhering to predefined conclusions, and prompts questioning about the nature of art, its creation, and its definition. Through this perspective, Whitefield's work encourages a reevaluation of the environment as a catalyst for artistic inquiry, emphasizing a process that evolves in tandem with the ecological and cultural intricacies of his Celtic surroundings.


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